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In a world where finance meets fantasy, our project VenoMoon offers not just cryptocurrency, but a journey into a new reality of investment and communication. Inspired by the unwavering spirit of the Doge community and the dream of unknown heights, our meme coin opens the door to a world where everyone can go to the moon in the company of a faithful four-legged friend.

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About the project and us

At VenoMoon, our mission is to open the world of cryptocurrencies to everyone by creating an accessible and connected financial environment. We strive to form an active community where support and mutual assistance become the basis for success.
Transparency and trust are our key principles as we believe in being open about our progress and challenges. VenoMoon encourages everyone who shares our aspirations to join us on this exciting adventure.
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Token Utility

VenoMoon tokens serve as the driving force behind the $VNM economy. To foster growth, it's crucial we reinvest in ourselves—$VNM will be allocated for exchange listing fees, airdrops, nurturing influencer relationships, expanding our social media presence, financing media events, and forming strategic partnerships.
In essence, we're committed to utilizing VenoMoon tokens for the ongoing enhancement of the platform, progressively adding utility to the token as we move forward. This represents our commitment to a sustained approach to community building, a facet often missing in the meme coin sector, and we're set to make a difference.


Dex listing
Contact Address:

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Stage 1

DEX Listing
500 holders
1000 holders
Q2 2024

Stage 2

CEX listings
500 NFT airdrop
Q3 2024

Stage 3

Community rewards
20,000 holders
Q4 2024

Stage 4

VNM platform
Top tier CEX
100,000 holders
To the VMOON
Q1, 2025